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ASOS is an e-commerce website selling fashion items worldwide. They also have their own mobile app (ASOS for iOS ver 2.6.1) with a really neat and efficient UI, and it got 5 stars rating. I don't think we need more for a shopping app on mobile. I'm an UI/UX lover, I see nice UI, I clone. That's it lol.

I always take it serious to keep the code quality high, with clean and self-explained code. When purchasing this, you also get my latest "helper" snippets inside the package to make it more fun to code.


Watch on Youtube

See how it works on Youtube:

Happy prototyping!


Note: All updates are on Ionic 1

Last updated: Jun 17 2017


  • First version


  • Replace some copyright assets


  • Compatible with Ionic CLI ~3.4.0


  1. Welcome
  2. Login/sign up
  3. Top menu panel
  4. Sidemenu (incl. my own Sidemenu plugin)
  5. Featured
  6. List view
  7. Grid view
  8. Refine (Filter)
  9. Product detail: (catwalk view, recommended items, …)
  10. Share (using Cordova plugin)
  11. Search
  12. Saved Items
  13. Your cart/bag
  14. Checkout

Run locally

1.Install Ionic environment

$ npm install -g cordova
$ npm install -g @ionic/cli@6.8.0

2.After purchasing, download the zip file containing the entire demo app and unzip

3.Go inside the extracted folder

4.Install all dependencies

$ npm install

5.Start local server

$ ionic serve

6.Your default browser should now automatically open the template


Modify the default color theme to match ASOS's color in /scss/

// line 18
$dark:                            #000 !default;
$energized:                       #fc9338 !default;
$stable:                          #e6f5f8 !default;

Build with capacitor

First of all, make sure that you can Run Locally (see the instruction above).

# build web asset (to folder www)
$ ionic build

# add platform (ios or android)
$ ionic capacitor add ios

# prepare app icons and splash images
$ npm run resources

# copy web assets into the native project
$ ionic capacitor copy ios

# open Xcode, then build the native app from there
$ ionic capacitor open ios

# OR run in live-reload mode
$ ionic capacitor run ios -l --external

See more:

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Migrating a Web App Using Cordova to Capacitor


If you need technical support or have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message:



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